Ethics in investing

Over the years I have also been thinking about what I don’t want to invest in. Since the whole point of investing is to make money, there are some things I simply do not want to make money on. For instance tobacco. This is a stable business with great growth opportunities and a (rational?) investor should probably include this in his portfolio. But, who really wants to profit from other peoples early deaths or disease? 

So, what about gambling? This is also a business model who generates a lot of cash. If people never played for more than they can afford to lose, this wouldn’t be a problem. But they don’t, and it seems more like a regressive tax on people who don’t understand better. It is a industry that promises nirvana, but delivers despair. And with the introduction of gambling on phones, the availability keeps increasing. 

So, no shares in Betsson in my portfolio. What are your thoughts on this subject?

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