Portfolio · Quarterly reports

Results from 2017

There has been some small changes in the portfolio lately. Yesterday I sold my position in Heimstaden (heim.st). The shareprice had a nice development since i bought them early this year, and I also had a positive contribution from the currency fluctuation. For taxreasons, I have also sold some of my shares in Solstad Farstad (soff.ol)

As I have mentioned before, I have trouble finding something cheap to buy, so my cash position keeps increasing, and hence my exposure to the market is declining. Here is the stats from this year:

portfolio q4 2017

The total now is 369 773 nok. This is an increase in the portfolio value (not profit) of 106.75% since 30.6.2016. In the same period, my shares increased 128,57%. For the full year my portfolio of shares increased 62,93%

My current portfolio consits of

Stocks Shareprice Market value
OCY.ol 300 69,25 20775,00
BWO.ol 600 35,60 21360,00
PPG-PREF.ol 267 100,00 26700,00
TRE.ol 1000 14,20 14200,00
SOFF 211 6,15 1297,65
melg.ol 90 121,00 10890,00
SNI.OL 109,5 120,00 13140,00
alm-pref 140 98,00 13720,00
Mutual funds funds 76341,00
Cash 171350,00
Value 369773,65

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