Quarterly reports

Q2 2018

A little late with my summary of Q2, so the numers are from midday today. In Q2 a delayed tax of 17000 nok was payed, and a dividend from my privately held company added. Unfortunately BWO has declined from around 50 nok a share last month, to around 41-42 nok today. I believe this is a consequence of the reduced dayrates of Catcher. This is now resolved, and Catcher are delivering full dayrates. Also BW Adolo are on the way to the tortue oilfield, where it will start to produce oil this year. This is great for BWO – they get an FPSO out of lay-up, and start to produce oil for our self. With todays oilprices, this is great!

This quarter I managed to break through the 400 k mark.Total portfolio value is now 404059 nok. It is now 2 year since I started tracking my investments on this site, and I have more than doubled the money during this period. On June 30. 2016 this number was 178847 nok.

Shares Shareprice Market value
OCY.ol 300 70,60 21180,00
BWO.ol 600 41,45 24870,00
PPG-PREF.ol 267 101,00 26967,00
TRE.ol 1000 12,70 12700,00
SOFF 211 6,36 1341,96
melg.ol 90 118,00 10620,00
SNI.OL 150 124,40 18660,00
HLNG 120 44,35 5322,00
alm-pref 140 102,00 14280,00
eur 200 24,55 4910,00
Mutual funds funds 82950,00
Cash 180259,00
Value 404059,96

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