Portfolio · Quarterly reports

Portfolio Q1 ’19

Last quarter the portfolio took a hit, when BWO dropped from the high 60’s down all the way down to 30. Now BWO have regained somewhat, and I have continued to invest in it on lower prices. I would like to invest more, but I have decided to maximum put 50k in a share. With contribution from other stocks aswell, the portfolio is now around the same value as in Q3 2018. Shares that have contributed are: Ocean Yield (OCY), KID, and Europris (EPR).

portfolio value q1 19

Currently my portfolio consists of the following companies:


portfolio 31 mar 2019.png

As you can see, I’m still holding on to a large cash position. I like to have fast access to cash in case an opportunity arises. I plan on increasing the positions in OCY, WALWIL and KID. Perhaps I will sell of my holdings in Treasure asa. There are value there, but I am planning on reducing risk, and here I am exposed to currency risk, as well as the cycklical nature of transportation.



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