Some new (returning) shares in the portfolio

u s dollar bills pin down on the ground

These last days I have bought some more shares in Ocean Yield. And also in Wihl Wilhelmsen holding B. I added 200 more shares in OCY, and bought 80 in WWIB. These are shares I sold a while back, and I think especially WWIB looks cheap at the moment, although it might fall some more. In that case, I’ll just buy more of it. Looking at the portfolio, I realise that its more or less dominated by oil and shipping – Two of Norways main industies. I’ll have to broaden my horizon somewhat and diversify with different industies. Anyway, I have recieved dividends from Pioneer Propertygroup, Ocean Yield, Alm Equity Pref and Høegh LNG lately. All within the last three weeks.


Happy summer.

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