Quarterly reports

Treasure ASA – an update

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Treasure releases reports each 1/2 year. This first half years result was $ 117,0 million, mainly due to an increase in the shareprice of Hyundai Glovis shares. In the period Glovis went from 129.000 KRW to 161.000 KRW per share and USDKRWfrom 1116 to 1155. NAV per share at the end of the half: 24,5 NOK, while the shareprice is around 13 nok. Basic earnings pr share: $0.54 or in nok 4,85. After the share buybacks the new share count is 217,8 millon shares. Treasure recieved dividend from Glovis of $ 13295000, and paid just 0,30 nok a share.

Link to half year report: https://www.treasureasa.com/contentassets/805aef16ab13448596c198317c2cc260/treasure-asa—1h-2019.pdf





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