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Portfolio update Q3 ’19

Another quarter is finished, and we have just one quarter left of this decade. I have sold my shares in KID, not because I do not like the company any more, but I got a good price, and perhaps I’ll buy it back sometime later. My holding was to small to matter anyway, and if I’ll buy it back later, I will buy a larger holding. New shares since Q2 is: Danske bank, Wilh Wilhelmsen holding B, Equinor, Norsk hydro and ABG Sundal collier. Due to tax consierations I have sold my shares in Solstad offshore. It looks like it might be a rough autumn with Brexit, trade wars, and hostilities in the middle east. We will just have to wait and see if my timing was completely off. Anyway, my portfoliovalue is now 484300 nok. This is just an increase in my holdings of 2,76%.


portfolio q3 2019

I believe we can not predict the coming macro insidents, and instead will have to focus on individual companies. The great companies will have a future, regardless of current macroeconomics.



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