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A look at 2019


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2019 is soon over, and I have reviewed my portfolio. Some shares went out this year, among them Kid, Europris and Melhus sparebank.. This was not a smart move, since they have continued to performe well since then. Anyway, If Kid or Europris fall back somewhat, I might buy again. They are probably the two retail stores worth owning in Norway.

Some shares I managed to buy when they bottomed out, like ABG Sundal Collier, Equinor and Wihl. Wilhelmsen B, but I was too quick to buy Ocean Yield, and Walenius Wilhelmsen. In the long run, this is not a problem. I believe I will make a good profit on both of them.

For 2020 I am considering to buy these shares, among others :

Insr Insurance

Royal dutch shell

Insr is a turn around case. It had business in Denmark and Sweden, where they did not succeed. They have pulled out, and taken some one off costs. Combined ratio has come down to around 92, and they make money on the running business. I do not think this is refected in the current share price.

Shell is a yield story. With todays pricing, it yields 6.35% Several oil companies returns good yield these days. This might have something to do with them beeing unpopular these days, and investors prefering “green” companies. This trend might continue next year, but at some point it will reverse. We will still need oil in 30 and 40 years.

Happy new year!


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