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Financial status of 2019

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So how did I do in ’19?

The total portfolio value ended at 525 671 nok. Compared to 2018’s 397 428, it is an increase of 128 442, or 32,26 % However, this figure is somewhat misleading, since my largest holding (BWO) plummeted in Q4 18, and regained the loss in 19. Also, I transfered my dividends from my unlisted portfolio to this one. Anyway – I just care about the totalt portfolio value. My index funds also contributed last year. One fund gained 17,48% while the other gained 32,9%

portfolio 16-19

My target value for 2020 is 600 000 nok (Portfolio 1) The shares I expect to gain most this year (in %) is: ASC, DANSKE, and INSR. WALWIL is currently up 11,37% today. Hopefully it will pass 30 nok a share during the year. Eukor car carriers have managed to renew their shipping agreement with HYUNDAI without lowering the freight rates. This could possibly kickstart a turnaround of the shareprice.

In june 2020 I aslo expect PPG-PREF to be redeemed at 100 nok a share. Then I’ll loose a steady dividend of around 8% a year.

On the last day of ’19 I bought a very small amount of shares in INSR, a small Norwegian insurance company. I will probably increase that position soon.


portfolio q4 19

HLNG has been a total disapointment, and I might sell that position, and reinvest in one of my other companies. As you can see, BWO and OCY is my largest holdings right now. I expect BWO to list BW Energy during this year. This will probably increase the value of BWO even more. In addition to that, we will see more oil wells in production this year, and with current oil prices, the shareprice will follow. If, in addition to that, they restart paying dividens, we could see prices above 100 nok. We will just have to wait and see.


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