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Results after Q1 2020

This quarter I have been hit hard in some of my investments, mainly Ocean Yield (which I must admit, is not a value investment), BW Offshore, Walenius Wilhelmsen and BW Energy. I have used the opportunity to average down in some stocks. Like many others, I have made the mistake of not having enough cash on hand in my portfolio. I did still have some at the end of Q4, but managed to invest it right before the Covid -19 tumble. Fortunately I still have some cash stashed away for this purpose. And some of it is already invested, but I am waiting for a better general buy in American stocks.

Anyway, currently the portfolio is a lot down:

q1 2020

When the oilprice regains what is has lost, I will most likely be better off than before. The last days I have increased in Walenius Wilhelmsen. I have also invested in a new index fund, who invest only in the Nordic countries.

q1 20202 cookie

Somehow my index funds have done remarkably well during this time. I guess it proves that dollar cost averaging works.

Here in Norway the whole country is more or less in lockdown mode. Not quite as bad as in Spain or Italy, but a lot of shops are closed, a rough estimate is 50% in the malls. Unemployment is around 15%, and if people arn’t allowed to return after easter, I believe the economy will take permanent damage. On the positive side, I believe I still have time to find some bargains going forward. As they say: The marked takes the elevator down, but the stairs up.


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